Seed Spider harvesters have evolved due to requests from growers for a simple light weight machine. They are matched to the Seed Spider Roller Seeder and Sled Seeder. Click on the images to the right to enlarge.

The Seed Spider difference

The Seed Spider harvester is very simple to operate. Simplistic design principles give growers the opportunity to focus on the harvesting process rather than constantly having to make adjustments to the cutting height.

Having the sensing roller very close to the cutting blade ensures the most accurate cutting height. The chances of the soil coming into contact with the cutting blade, or being picked up on the elevator are greatly reduced, extending blade life and ensuring a cleaner end product.

The unique design means that the harvester is constantly kept at the correct cutting height, leaving the bed in such a good state that a second cut can be taken if required. Growers have commented that the bed is left remarkably clean and that their finished product is more uniform with much less wastage. Growers can operate the harvester even in very wet conditions, where hand harvesting is normally their only other option.


Harvester Features

Three-point-linkage mounted

Three-point-linkage mounted for harvesting high density crops such as baby leaf salads. All three-point-linkage attachment points on the harvester are able to float independent of the tractor, meaning that undulations in the wheel ruts do not influence the cutting height.


The Seed Spider harvester rides on the bed by way of a very sensitive mechanism that transfers most of the weight of the cutting head onto the lift-arms of the tractor. The front roller configuration and weight distribution mechanism allow the machine to float very lightly and sensitive to the bed contours, allowing for a second cut of crop if required.

Band Saw Cutting Blade

The hardened tooth band saw cutting blade cuts cleanly, resulting in less damage to plants and leaves and less wastage.

Low Angle Cutting Blade

The conveyor belt angle is kept as low as practicable to optimise crop pick-up and eliminate damage to the leaf.

Hydraulic drive

Both the blade and the conveyor are hydraulically driven from one pressure and one return line off the tractor's external hydraulic circuit, ensuring reliable performance. The oil flow output requirement from the tractor is 8 litres per minute, (2 gallons per minute).

Simple cutting height adjustment

The cutting height is quickly and easily adjusted by a single action lever which keeps the cutting height even across the bed.

Harvester Adjustment Handle

Simple wheel adjustment

The wheel widths are quickly and easily adjusted to suit growers' requirements.

Standard harvest widths

The Seed Spider Harvester is available in three standard harvest widths: 1250mm (50 inches), 1500mm (60 inches) and 1750mm (69 inches).

Standard bin sizes

  • 600mm x 400mm x 390mm (75 litre capacity)
  • 24 inch x 16 inch x 15.5 inch (20 gal capacity)

Simple operation

Simple to operate, because it is designed that way. Other harvesters frequently require highly skilled operators. Not Seed Spider! Our harvesting systems can be operated without special training and with far less likelihood of expensive mistakes.

Ultra fast setup

No other harvesting system offers such easy access to so much flexibility. A single action lever adjusts the cutting height evenly across the whole bed, while the wheel position can be easily adjusted to suit any crop.

Easy to transport

Seed Spider equipment weighs much less than many existing machines and is easily transported from site to site. This means set up times are reduced, as are the opportunities for injury or strain to operators.

High quality

Manufactured to uncompromising standards, Seed Spider Harvesters are constructed of stainless steel, meeting all food hygiene requirements and ensuring a long life with minimal wear.