The Seed Spider Roller Seeder is our established top end planter, designed for sowing high density crops such as baby leaf salad, spinach and baby carrots. It is fitted with a front and rear bed roller with three rows of staggered soil openers mounted in between. The front roller levels the seed bed while the rear roller covers the placed seed with soil. Click on the images to the right to enlarge.


Three-point-linkage mounted

All three-point-linkage attachment points join on to the pivoting arms of the seeder which allow the seeder to float independently of the tractor, ensuring accurate bed contour following.

Electronic seed metering

The seeding rate is controlled electronically, giving increased control and accuracy. The patented Seed Spider seed metering system is noticeably more accurate over a wider range of seed types than virtually all of the existing equipment on the world market.

Modular design

The seed metering system is modular. Each metering system can metre seed for 1-6 rows.

For example:
A 4 row seed drill would be fitted with 1 metering system, delivering seed to 4 outlets.
A 36 row seed drill would be fitted with 6 metering systems, each delivering seed to 6 outlets.

All metering systems on each Roller Seeder are controlled by one electronic controller. The type of seed in each seed hopper can be easily changed within 60 seconds.

Full width bed rollers

Seed Spider Roller Seeders have a full width bed roller front and rear, with three rows of soil openers mounted in between.

The front roller levels the bed while the rear roller covers the placed seed with soil and leaves the bed top flat, suitable for mechanical harvesting.

Both rollers can be filled with ballast water to suit a wide range of different soil types and sowing conditions.

Unique soil openers

Roller Seeder soil openers are made of cast stainless steel. Each soil opener is an individual assembly attached to the toolbar by means of a specially designed clamp. Soil openers can be fitted or removed in seconds.

Seed Spider soil openers are unique. They form a very fine 'V' shaped slot in the soil for the seed. Soil from one row does not fall onto the neighbouring row, as is the case with most other high density seeders. This ensures even seeding depth across the entire seed bed. They are also staggered to prevent the build up of trash.

Infinite adjustment of row spacing

Seed Spider Roller Seeders allow for infinite adjustment of row spacing across three individual toolbars, for exceptional versatility. The revolutionary soil opener attachment system lets you set row spacings precisely to suit the crop. Soil openers can be fitted or removed in seconds.

Simple sowing depth adjustment

A single lever sets the sowing depth of all soil openers at once (from 0-40mm / 0-1.6 inches).

Standard sowing widths

The Roller Seeder is available in four standard widths: 1000mm (40 inches) ,1250mm (50 inches) ,1550mm (61 inches) and 1850mm (73 inches).

Optional fertiliser metering

The standard Seed Spider metering system, in conjunction with a 50 litre (13 gallon) hopper and an independent electronic controller, provides accurate metering of most granulated fertilisers.

Optional soft-soil kit

A soft-soil kit is available to reduce the machine weight on the bed top when seeding into the finest light soils.

Simple operation

Simple to operate, because it is designed that way. Other precision seeders frequently require highly skilled operators. Not Seed Spider! Our systems can be operated without special training and with far less likelihood of expensive mistakes.

Ultra fast setup

No other seeding system offers such easy access to so much flexibility. You can change from one seed type to another in less than 60 seconds, adjust your row spacing in minutes and set your sowing depth with a single lever. Even your sowing rate is controlled, and can be quickly adjusted, electronically.

Easy to transport

Seed Spider equipment weighs much, much less than many existing machines and is easily transported from site to site. This means set up times are reduced, as are the opportunities for injury or strain to operators.

High quality

Manufactured to uncompromising standards, Seed Spider seeders and metering systems are constructed from stainless steel and plastic to eliminate corrosion and ensure long term reliability.