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From the Manawatū to Manhattan,
how a little spider changed the world


Our Mission

To future-proof farming by sowing and growing cutting-edge robotic capability across the agricultural sector


Our Story

  • 1990A clever Kiwi Engineer, an agricultural background, and a good idea walk into a garage…

    and out comes the SeedSpider, a small, humble combination of better parts and better minds. The SeedSpider is a revolutionary seed metering system designed and developed in the beating heart of New Zealand’s dairy industry. The SeedSpider was, and still is, the best in the business, bringing a new level of precision and control to seeding operations all around the world.
  • 1991One little Question Later...

    You would think developing the best system in the business would be the hardest part of creating a seeding system. Turns out, if there’s one thing New Zealand farmers didn’t need, it was a new seeding system for their grass. Paddocks were flush, pockets were full, and the SeedSpider couldn’t find itself a home in dairy. It wasn’t until an unsuspecting passer-by asked, ‘can it sow baby carrots?’ did the SeedSpider find its perfect little niche.
  • 1992Orange Gold

    Baby carrots, Salad mix, and everything in-between, the SeedSpider quickly found itself on the back of tractors all across the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Europe. But in the same way a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, a seed metering system is only as good as the implement it is attached to.
  • 1994Sleds & Rollers

    If you can make the best seed metering system in the world, you’ve probably got a good shot at making a damn good seeding machine to, and that’s exactly what we did. The shiny new Sled Seeder and Roller Seeder joined the ranks in 1994 to provide not only the precision our customers expect, but also the best seed bed and sowing experience in the business.
  • 1994Sowing the American Dream

    Everything is bigger in America. this was very true when our first U.S distributor agreed to a small 2000-hectare trial of the SeedSpider system. The trial went somewhat okay. In fact, it went so okay that the SeedSpider now plants an estimated 80% of salad and baby carrot crop in the U.S.
  • 1998What is planted must be harvested

    With the success of the SeedSpider system internationally, New Zealand was quick to follow suit. Problem was, our smaller customers in Australasia operated more on the scale of 20ha compared to their 20,000ha American counterparts. This meant, not only did our pacific neighbours need smaller seeding units, they also needed smaller harvesting equipment. With a great seeding system and a great seeding unit, why not add a great harvester to the mix? Our harvester now provides our happy customers a prefect cut every time, no matter the weather.
  • 2017Greentech Robotics

    Greentech Robotics was created to meet the increasing challenges of the agricultural sector across the world. From labour costs and labour shortages to increasing financial and time pressure on farm, Greentech Robotics set about taking their seeding expertise into the world of robotic weeding.
  • 2021The WeedSpider

    No labour, no spraying, no worries. After four years of development, Greentech Robotics has developed a world-class autonomous robot capable of traversing crop rows whilst detecting and eliminating weeds without you having to lift a finger. What will we think of next!

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